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• Award winning development for IoT.

• Develop intuitive application to enhance Customer Experience.

• Experts in IoT, Android & Hybrid Development for IoT.

• Make your machines more intelligent through app development.

• Easily let your customers control systems through the app.

• Agile & Future Centric App Development.

• Secure, Scalable and Resilient Applications.

• Deploying the best of breed technology.


Noida Apps IoT App Development

IOT Development Company develops apps for the ‘Internet of Things’. We use Android Things and develop individual solutions.

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to be a new platform which is already being used in the following sectors:

• Transport
• Medicine
• Production
• Retail Smart Cities and Smart Houses
• Agriculture


IOT Application Development

IoT is the science of connecting physical devices using the internet to build a smart and connected world. IoT uses smart software solutions and makes it possible for objects to communicate with one another by using environmental data gathered using sensors or different communication means such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, etc.

At Pure Software, we offer innovative and hi-end IoT application development services tailored to solve the real-world problems of different industry verticals. We offer end-to-end application development services including both hardware and software support with an aim to provide the best integration of software and hardware technologies for superior performance.

Benefits Of IoT App Development

Smart infrastructure,

Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging concept describing a wide ecosystem where interconnected devices and services collect, exchange and process data in order to adapt dynamically to a context. IoT is tightly bound to cyber-physical systems and in this respect is an enabler of Smart Infrastructures by enhancing their quality of service provisioning.

Agriculture Industry

Smart farming is a capital-intensive and hi-tech system of growing food cleanly and sustainable for the masses. It is the application of modern ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) into agriculture.


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